Tips to make your participation in Health & Wellness Expos Successful

Tips to make your participation in Health & Wellness Expos Successful
* Bring a table and table cloth with your logo if you have one. Bring a chair if participants need one.
* Electrical outlets are available – remember to bring an extension cord with you.
* Engage attendees briefly so you do not lose exposure at your table. Plan an interactive / engaging activity (ies).
* Have change on hand if you are selling your products at the expo.
* Provide written information to hand out to attendees that are aligned with healthy people and pets. Make sure your Materials” Ensure health care information is current, display handouts with relevant health information as well as provide reference to links and website detailing such Services” with additional information on health issues discussed. Provide interactive materials such as health related puzzles, questions, raffles. Ask participants permission to be placed on your newsletter mailing list. Also everyone like free giveaways, if your budget permits provide free materials such as wristbands, cups, pens, coupons.
* Encourage attendees to visit your business. Examples are but not limited to:
* Gift certificates
* Complimentary consultations
* % off first purchase
* A drawing for a free prize that they can be picked up at your place of business
* Bring your business cards and brochures
* Have hand-outs
* Bring a questionnaire that prompts attendees to realize the benefits of your business
* “Welcome Invitation” To ensure expo attendees stop at your booth you should display “Try ME”, or “Try Free Products”. Often participants are hesitant about trying products displayed at vendor booths. You want to invite each passer- by to take a conscientious look at your exhibit contributions. This is not the time to be bashful to engage participants with questions relative to your products that will peak their interest in coming over for closer look.
* Have a sign-in and ask for email address for future communication.
* Smile – people are attracted to and more likely to follow someone who smiles and is well dressed, than someone that is not.
* Stand – People do not want to “bother” someone who is sitting. Standing and smiling makes you more approachable
* Confident & Concerned: You have to sound confident in what you say and how you present yourself. This goes for staff also. They should be confident also. If they do not know an answer, they can simply say, “That’s a great question. I think ________ can answer that better than I could.” Concerned is another attribute that you should have. When someone stops at your booth, they are probably having some symptoms of sorts. Show concern when dealing with the person.
* Personal Stories & Testimonials: When attendees tell you their issue, don’t just say you may be able to help. Use a story of another patient that was suffering from the same thing and how they responded well to treatment. That builds credibility and uses a law of persuasion called Social Acceptance. If others are doing it, it must be okay…or they feel like they are missing out on something.
* Create Urgency: You have to give them a reason to act now. If they have not schedule an appointment on their own why should they schedule one now? I recommend using a discounted exam or service. However, you must know how to present it. You should say, “Normally for (get detailed) the consultation, exam, any x-rays needed, the initial visit is $____. However, anyone who schedules an appointment from today’s event, we are doing the exam for only $____.” Always give the higher price first. That creates urgency.

Have fun- these are difficult times for many people- and we are in the business of healthy people and healthy Health care Professional!
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